Seminar Sponsor

Seminar sponsors receive…

  • A one-hour room reservation
  • Access to an LCD projector and screen
  • Seating for up to 40 people
  • A generous write-up in the BeaconFest program, including your seminar title, a 150-word description and a photo

Exclusive Bag Sponsor

Sponsors must provide 2,500 bags for our staff to give away to each attendee at the door.
Plus, bag sponsors receive…

  • One premium corner booth at the main entrance
  • Your name will be in the show’s advertising
  • A half-page, full-color ad in the BeaconFest program

Show Sponsor

Sponsor BeaconFest and receive…

  • Two premium corner booths facing the entrances
  • Signage at the main entrance
  • A commemorative plaque
  • Promotional mentions throughout the show
  • Your name and logo in BeaconFest’s extensive advertising
  • A full-page, full-color ad in the BeaconFest program

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Sounds great!

If you’d like to become a BeaconFest sponsor, or if you have questions about sponsorship, please contact us.